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Faculty of Journalism
and Political Science

University of Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmieście 3
00-927 Warsaw, Poland


In the academic year 2010/2011 the Faculty of Journalism and Political Studies (FJPS) of the University of Warsaw (UW) celebrated an important anniversary of its existence. Over the last 35 years it has educated over 100 000 people, deploying the knowledge and experience of a highly-qualified academic staff.

Today it is one of the biggest and most prestigious faculties of the University of Warsaw. It employs over 300 people, including around 250 recognized academic teachers. It educates (in all fields of study and all types of studies) over 7 000 students every year! Its rich educational offer includes full-time, evening and extramural studies, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies as well as post-graduate and Ph.D studies, realised within the educational offer of five units: the Institute of Journalism, the Institute of Political Sciences, the Institute of Social Policy, the Institute of International Relations and the Chair of European Studies.

The Archive of the Press, Advertising and Publishing Photography Studio of IJ FJPS UW

In the academic centres of the Faculty the scholars conduct a large number of research, both individually and collectively. At the moment, there are several dozen research programmes run at the Faculty. An extremely important platform for academic discussions are national and international conferences as well as annual symposia putting the educational achievements of all of the Faculty’s institutes and units on display.

The UW Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences cooperates with the vast majority of academic centres offering social studies in Poland. It also expands its scientific exchange with academic centres abroad, i.e. in the United States, Canada, Australia and the European countries. Moreover, it actively participates (or participated) in community programmes ARE, TEMPUS and SOKRATES / ERASMUS.

Since 1994 the Council of FJPS has conferred annual awards named after prof. Franciszek Ryszka for outstanding achievements in the field of political sciences. Among others, the following professors received the prize: Małgorzata Szylko-Skoczny, Jan Baszkiewicz, Jerzy Bralczyk, Teodor Filipiak, Stanisław Filipowicz, Stanisław Gebethner, Franciszek Gołembski, Stanisław Parzymies, Antoni Rajkiewicz i Janusz Symonides. The award is also granted to scholars from other academic centres in Poland (eg. the UMCS in Lublin, the University of Wrocław, the University of Economics in Katowice or the Jagiellonian University in Cracow).

Moreover, the Faculty supervised the conferring of the honoris causa degree of the University of Warsaw on the famous political scientists: prof. Zbigniew Brzeziński, prof. Hans Jacobsen or the President of Italy, Sandro Pertini.

Within the last 35 years almost 700 doctoral theses were defended and close to 150 habilitation theses written at the Faculty! It should also be noted that the most Ph.D and post-doctoral students are our graduates! Zdjęcia/nominacje doktorskie, podpis: fot. Paweł Brzeziński/Anna Zapolska, PFP ID WDiNP UW)

Its central location, nationwide importance, traditions, achievements and collective efforts of the academic staff guarantee a very high level of education. The Faculty creates new specializations, modifies the existing curricula, modernises the teaching methodology, emphasising students’ practical skills and knowledge (broad cooperation with the Student Radio Kampus or the internet television channel UW3D.TV).
There are over 15 students’ research circles active at the Faculty, including the Research Circle Notabene, the Research Circle for Strategic Studies and Security, the Theatre and Politics Research Circle, the S. Kisielewski Research Circle for Polish Media Monitoring, the Research Circle The Prince and the Pauper, Let's be communicative, Spiritus Politicus, Proyecto del sur, the East Research Circle or Touching Europe.

FJPS UW develops its infrastructure by expanding the academic premises by means of further investments, among which the most important are: the construction of the ultra-modern main building of FJPS UW on 4 Bednarska Street and the renovation of the building taken over from the Medical University of Warsaw.

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