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Special events

The UW Faculty of Journalism and Political Science is an active, expansive and modern centre. The high quality of its actions relates not only to the academic sphere but also to its PR. It is important to mention special actions that attract a lot of publicity among their recipients:

Academic year end celebration – a very special celebration organised annually, honouring the graduates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies at FJPS UW as well as their families and supervisors of their theses. During the event, which consists of a formal and informal part, the newly-graduated receive the tratulations diploma. In the first part the graduates wear gowns and birettas, surrounded by a moving atmosphere. The second part of the celebration is devoted to a party and snacks. In 2011 the Faculty invited a music star for the first time. The show of the group Audiofeels was warmly received by all gathered guests and the cheerful atmosphere was kept up by DJ Lukas: in private Łukasz Szurmiński, Ph.D, also the Vice-Director of the UW Institute of Journalism.

FJPS teaches Social Studies at night – a regularly held educational action organised for high-school graduates from the whole country. During a few days, or rather nights, the lecturers of the UW Faculty of Journalism and Political Science introduce the most important subjects of the current public debate to the future high school graduates. They educate about international organizations, political systems, social problems, terrorism and the European Union. The action is open to all interested and free of charge. It takes place in the Auditorium Maximum on the main campus. During the II edition of the action the Faculty greeted ca. 1000 guests during every lecture day/ night! „FJPS teaches Social Studies at night” guarantees not only a factual round-up of the Social Studies but also a true, magical university atmosphere.

Active participation in the International Education Fair Perspektywy and the Open Days of the University of Warsaw – the stands of the Faculty attract a great number of interested visitors every year and our representatives from the Student Governments get extremely busy! Despite that, they are always willing to assist the visitors with advice, help and fully competent information about the studies and the whole FJPS UW.

The Face of FJPS UW – The Faculty was looking for two students (male and female) who would represent it during important PR actions. The winners of the action were chosen in an Internet voting action (on one of the social networks), audio rehearsals (in a programme of the Radio Kampus) and a video self-presentation in front of the camera. The winners take part in advertising campaigns of FJPS UW and support the Faculty with their image.

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