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Faculty of Journalism
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University of Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmieście 3
00-927 Warsaw, Poland

Renovation of the former Teodozja Majewska Baths

The building of the former Teodozja Majewska Baths, located at 2/4 Bednarska Street in Warsaw, is entered in the Register of Monuments under the number 20. Due to its location (Mariensztat Street, close vicinity of the Main Campus and the University of Warsaw Library), the building is an extremely attractive place to carry out ambitious research and didactic activities. The building is in a very bad technical condition; it is therefore necessary to carry out general renovation, covering both the interior and façade of the building.
The Institute of Journalism, University of Warsaw will have its headquarters in the building. The area of the building will be occupied by both administration offices, lecture halls and classrooms as well as section rooms, radio and television studios and the newsroom of the university web TV.
The building consists of two overground storeys and one underground floor. Rooms situated on the ground and first floors will be used for scientific, educational, promotional and exhibition purposes while storage areas and facilities for the radio and television studios will be located in the basement.
The renovated building will be not only an architectural showcase of this part of the city but also an attractive venue for meeting science and the new media technologies; it will combine tradition with modernity, craft and art. In addition to classes, also lectures, seminars and debates aimed at popularising knowledge will be held at the newly renovated property.

General information:
Built-up area of the building – approximately 1,142 m2
Cubic capacity – approximately 13,590 m3
Net area – 1,760 m2
basement – 620 m2
ground floor – 648 m2
floor – 492 m2

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