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Faculty of Journalism
and Political Science

University of Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmieście 3
00-927 Warsaw, Poland

Scientific research at the FJPS

The Faculty of Journalism and Political Science is one of the largest didactic and research centre of this type not only in Poland but also throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It is the largest faculty at the University of Warsaw as well. The faculty's leading position and prestige, on which it prides itself, can be confirmed not only by huge popularity of the fields of study it offers, but also the results of rankings and classifications, in which individual areas of study and organisational units have been highly rated for many years.
Apart from teaching, carrying out research remains the second most important area of the activity of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, and its effects and significance contribute to the development of such disciplines as the humanities and social sciences. The directions of the research conducted at the FJPS are determined primarily by its extensive internal structure as five independent, self-contained units: Institute of Journalism, Institute of Political Science, Institute of Social Policy, Institute of International Relations and Institute of European Studies function within the framework of the Faculty. It results in a variety of research carried out at the FJPS and – what is typical of political science – its interdisciplinarity. Moreover, special research groups, dealing with specific issues, have developed at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science; inter alia: Political Science Laboratory for Research on Germany (Pracownia Politologiczna Badań nad Niemcami), Inter-Institute Laboratory for Research on Russia and the Post-Soviet States (Międzyinstytutowa Pracownia Badań nad Rosją i Państwami Poradzieckimi), British Socio-Political Studies Research Group 'BRITANNIA' (Grupa Brytyjskich Studiów Społeczno-Politycznych “BRITANNIA”), Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies (Centrum Badań nad Współczesnymi Indiami) and Modern Israel Research Centre (Centrum Badań nad Współczesnym Izraelem).

The Institute of Journalism conducts research into various aspects of the media and mass communication systems functioning. The most important include: press law and copyright law in Poland and other states; evolution and transformation of the Polish mass information system; issues of advertising and public relations; foreign mass information systems; communication theory in Poland and abroad; history of the Polish mass media; economics of the media and the language of mass communication and mass media.

The main direction of research undertaken at the Institute of Political Science is the study of the following spheres: political philosophy and theory, sociology and psychology of politics, modern political history, history of thought and social movements, European institutions, political systems, state and public administration, political marketing, internal security and Eastern studies.

The Institute of Social Policy conducts research concerning: the labour market; international migration and its consequences; social security; the functioning of social dialogue in enterprises; social policy tasks towards different social categories as well as social problems and issues; non-governmental organisations, their development and role in a civil society; local social policy; new ways of tackling social exclusion; social policy in an integrating Europe.
Research conducted at the Institute of International Relations represents a newly evolving field of knowledge – the study of international relations. It covers all fundamental issues in this area and also those relating to international law, including: foreign policy research in its general scope, studies on state diplomacy, trade policy or international security policy. Regional studies, addressing the issues of international affairs in the major regions of the world – Europe and European integration, Asia and the Pacific, Americas, Africa and the Middle East – remain an important direction of the Institute research activity as well.

Research of the youngest unit of the Faculty – Institute of European Studies – focuses on the broadly understood European issues: in addition to analyses of the European Union itself, its structures and the Polish role within its framework, subregional issues (Britannic, Balkan, Eastern European) and key problems arising from perceiving Europe as the centre of civilisation, interacting with other cultural circles, are also investigated.

The Faculty of Journalism and Political Science participates in prestigious research projects, national and international consortia, research agreements and research networks, including inter alia:

• Poland Lesser Known (Polska mniej znana) – a research cooperation with the Central Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw;

Marketing i jego części składowe (Tools of marketing) [Marketing and Its Components (Tools of Marketing)] – a programme financed by the Canadian International Development Agency and implemented in collaboration with George Brown College and Centennial College in Toronto;

Means of Mass Information in Poland and Russia. The Experience of the Transition Period (Środki masowej informacji Polski i Rosji. Doświadczenie okresu transformacji)realised together with the M. Lomonosov State University of Moscow; includes the exchange of trainees and jointly organised scientific symposia;

European Association of Schools of Social Work and Social Work Educators (EASSW) – gathers around three hundred different schools, universities and institutions supporting social education;

Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA) – a network of European universities conducting studies and research in the field of humanitarian aid;

Centre of Migration Research (Ośrodek Badań nad MigracjamiOBM) – an interdisciplinary research centre founded by the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science and the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. The CMR is a member of the IMISCOE consortium whose main objective is to conduct international comparative research on migration issues;

The EU–27 Single Market in the Global Economy – a UACES Collaborative Research Network – a research network monitoring changes in the field of the single European market.

The employees of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science represent significant intellectual potential, which is well-evidenced by the number of scientific publications, participation in national and international scientific conferences and expert bodies of the key institutions of government administration as well as the recognition of their contribution to the development of science expressed in the form of numerous awards and distinctions.
The dissemination and popularisation of the results of the FJPS scientific activity occurs at several levels. Each year, the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science holds scientific conferences, symposia and workshops on both the national and international scale. Additionally, the majority of the Faculty employees participate in research projects organised by other institutions and scientific societies as well as deliver lectures at universities abroad.
The Faculty undertakes a rich and comprehensive publishing activity. Its employees are the authors and editors of monographs, academic textbooks as well as chapters in Polish publications and – increasingly more frequently – in English or other foreign publications. Their numerous scientific articles are published in both national and international journals. Publications of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science academics are frequently of a pioneering nature in our country and place their authors at the forefront of Polish researchers undertaking a particular issue. The dissemination of research results is also supported by publishing them on the websites of individual units and the cooperation with publishers of electronic journals.


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