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Institute of Journalism
University of Warsaw
Nowy Świat 69
00-927 Warsaw, Poland

+48 22 55 20 237
+48 22 826 93 66

Institute of Journalism

About the Institute of Journalism

The Institute of Journalism of FJPS UW maintains the eighty-year-old tradition of educating journalists in Poland. The first School of Journalism was founded in Warsaw in 1917. The Faculty of Publishing and Journalism was established in the School of Political Science in Warsaw almost at the same time.

Institute of Journalism is the biggest academic centre in Poland educating specialists in the field of journalism and social communication. Within the framework of the Bologna system, the Institute offers three cycle studies: Bachelor’s degree studies (three-year regular and evening courses), Master’s degree studies (two-year regular, evening and extramural courses) as well as Ph.D studies. Moreover, the Institute accepts people with a higher education diploma into the f.e. Post-Graduate Studies in e-journalism, Post-Graduate Studies in Journalism and Social Communication (evening courses) or the Post-Graduate Extramural Journalism School.

In all types of studies, apart from the general courses in history, sociology, philosophy, economics and international relations, the Institute offers classes in broadly defined media studies and in further subjects, such as: Polish media system, mass communication, foreign media systems, press history, media ethics, press law, the language of journalism, PR and advertising. Within the Bachelor’s studies programmes students may choose out of three specializations: journalistic, PR and media marketing as well as press, advertising and publishing photography.

Additionally, students of all types of studies have the possibility to attend workshops in the following studios: press, radio, TV, agency, on-line journalism, multimedia features and editing of illustrated magazines.

The Institute takes great pride in the following three studios: a photographic one, located in the building on 69 Nowy Świat Street as well as radio and TV studios, situated in the premises on 2/4 Bednarska Street, where also Academic Radio Kampus (97,1 MHz) has its seat.


Director - prof. dr hab. Marek Jabłonowski
Vice-Director for Didactic Affairs - Łukasz Szurmiński, PhD
Vice-Director for Scientific Research and International Cooperation - Dominika Rafalska, PhD

Chariman of the Scientific Board - prof. dr hab. Wiesław Władyka

Scientific Research

Key scientific research topics:

  • Press Law
  • Evolution of Mass Information System
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Polish and Foreign Media Systems
  • Theory of Communication
  • History of Media
  • Media Economics


Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor Studies - fields of study:

  • Journalism - specializations:
    • Press
    • Radio
    • TV
    • On-line
    • Reporting
    • Megazine
  • Media Marketing and Public Relations
  • Press Photography - Advertising & Publishing

Master Studies - fields of study:

  • Journalism
  • Media Marketing and Public Relations
  • Press Photography - Advertising & Publishing
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