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Institute of Social Policy
University of Warsaw
Nowy Świat 67
00-927 Warsaw, Poland

+48 22 826 66 52
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Institute of Social Policy

About the Institute of Social Policy

Social policy is an interdisciplinary science handling, among others, social notions and problems as well as proposing rational solutions to these problems on a larger scale. Its traditions in Poland date back at least to the year 1920, i.e. the founding date of the Institute of Social Economy and to the year 1924, i.e. the founding date of the Polish Society for Social Policy.

The organizational creation of the Institute was a threefold process. Its first part started in 1969 year with the creation of the Social Policy Department at the Institute of Political Science. In 1975 year it was turned into a Chair of Social Policy and in 1977 year into an institute, which caused a further organizational separation from the Institute of Political Science. At the moment the Institute of Social Policy educates over 1000 students who broaden their knowledge in two fields of study: Social Policy and Family Studies.

A strong point of the Institute is the scientific research: within the framework of own and statutory research, grants from European Social Fund projects, the employees of the Institute conduct research in such areas as: social policy and development theory, social notions and critical life situations, decision processes in social policy, social welfare and social work, job market and unemployment, local social policy, international comparative social policy, European social policy, migrations and migration policy, social economy.

ISP trains future staff for institutions in the field of broadly defined social policy, educating both young high school graduates and practitioners willing to broaden their professional skills with additional theoretical knowledge. The Institute offers regular Master’s degree studies, extramural Master’s degree studies, Bachelor’s degree, supplementary and post-graduate studies.


Director - prof. UW, dr hab. Cezary Żołędowski
Vice-Director for Didactic Affairs - dr hab. Ryszard Szarfenberg
Vice-Director for Scientific Research and International Cooperation - Maciej Duszczyk, PhD

Chairman of the Scientific Board - prof. dr hab. Mirosław Księżopolski

Scientific Research

Key scientific research topics:

  • Labor Market
  • Migrations
  • Social Security
  • Social Dialouge in Enterprises
  • Social Policy and Social Grades
  • Social Problems
  • Local Social Policy
  • Non-Govermental Organizations
  • European Social Policy


Social Policy

Bachelor Studies
Master Studies

Family Studies

Bachelor Studies
Master Studies

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