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Institute of International Relations
University of Warsaw
Żurawia 4, IVth floor
00-503 Warsaw

+48 22 55 31 635
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Institute of International Relations

About the Institute of International Relations

IIR launched its activities on 1 October 1976 year within the structures of the already existing FJPS. Since 1981 year the Institute offered a political science specialization „international relations” for students in their two final years of studies. It was turned into a separate field of study in 1991 year.

The above-mentioned time frame is not a very long one for a research and education institution, as compared with the historical traditions of Polish and European universities. Yet, it has been enough time to collect organisational, research and didactic experience. Independence, adherence to the university tradition as well as collective effort of all employees of the Institute provide for its current high standing. It manifests itself in the scientific accomplishments and the curriculum of the international relations studies on the Master’s degree level. Educational purposes are the highest aim of the Institute’s activities. They are influenced by the scope of challenges resulting from the transformation of the Polish foreign policy and structural changes in international relations. The goal of the current training curriculum, taking into account the international experience in this matter, is to educate specialists for a broadly defined international cooperation in the political and military, economic, cultural and social fields.

The curriculum of the studies is directed to the best applicants, being able to meet the requirements of the entry examination and an intense education plan. Due to the very nature of international relations studies it is possible to fulfil one’s interests and intellectual ambitions and to get equipped with a wide range of practical skills and knowledge, enabling an active participation in international matters.

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